Find jobs in London and beyond
Find jobs in London and beyond

Intern – US Business Operations

Glisser is looking for an intern with an entrepreneurial attitude to start in late January or early February 2017.

London UK
10 - 50

Intern – US Business Operations

New York, Non-EU

Glisser is primarily based in London. Birthed out of the Microsoft Accelerator, Glisser’s team is looking to grow into a leading presentation technology. Now with employees in the United States, both in Seattle and New York, Glisser is looking to build our team into a successful force to change the industry.  If you are interested in working with a company engaged daily with industry giants such as Microsoft, the possibility for international travel, and more importantly the opportunity at a long term career apply today!

What is Glisser?

Glisser socializes presentations – it takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote presentations and pushes them out live to audience mobile devices as they are presented, slide-by-slide. It enables members of the audience to interact with speakers or each other, and collects valuable feedback and data for presenters and event organizers.

Glisser includes slide-by-slide ‘like’ voting, live audience questions, Twitter feeds (plus ‘Tweet-a-Slide’), as well as polling and feedback slides integrated seamlessly within the original deck. No other tech is required – speakers can operate Glisser themselves straight from their laptop or iPad.


• Help build “Glisser Inc” – our US subsidiary – into a leading audience interaction and event technology brand in the North American region, known for effective technology and exceptional customer service.

•Help discover new clients or use your existing relationships with universities, event planners, meetings professionals, to rapidly grow the Glisser customer base.

• Help creatively generate and nurture leads using online marketing, telephone and face-to-face skills, to build up a strong pipeline of interested prospects, and convert them into happy and loyal customers who become advocates of the Glisser brand.

• Provide key support to social media, direct business marketing, and international marketing efforts.

• Help listen to our customers and prospective customers, to understand their needs and concerns, and use these to direct the development team in creating a better and better product.

• Add energy and dynamism to the international Glisser team, and act as a figurehead for Glisser’s presence at industry events and speaking opportunities in the US.


This is an unpaid internship for the length of the semester or trimester and can be for credit or not for credit. Students who prove to be great assets to the company will be provided opportunities to travel internationally and locally to help promote the Glisser name. Part Time interns are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Following the conclusion of the 3 month internship, there will be a potential for full time employment pending a performance review.

Credit Option: The Glisser team commits to fill out any required paperwork on the student’s behalf and fulfill any requirements of their respective institution during the course of their internship

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