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“If you like your coffee hot, your lunch free, and your offices minimalist then Football Radar is the company for you. As well as their in-house chef and legendary summer bbq’s they offer fully subsidized wellness plans and on-site health checks for all. ”
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We produce estimates of future outcomes of football matches by using statistical data modelling – commonly referred to as odds compiling. A job in London at
													 Football Radar

We want to be the smartest guys in football. Simple. Our aim is to unravel the game at a scientific level so we can provide analysis that truly reflects the game. A job in London at
													 Football Radar

We take an in-depth, statistical approach to football, using a blend of both quantitative and qualitative techniques to collect and analyse our data. We have created a comprehensive database, with stats on the matches of most European teams. This database is continuously updated when the teams play.

We also gather qualitative data on players and teams, and analyse this according to a certain framework. Our team of more than 100 football experts work together to cover all the major leagues worldwide.

To do this, we need to see what other's don't. That's why we have invented a unique approach to analyzing football. But obviously that's not revealed here..

  • Our own chef cooks us lunches and dinners 7 days a week. And cake on Fridays!
  • Professional ping-pong table, foosball table, play-station etc
  • Fully subsidized wellness plan with WPA and annual on-site health checks

  • Ping Pong / table foosball tournaments
  • Many Summer BBQ's
  • Super Cool
    If you love it when people wish they had your job, then getting up to work for these guys every day will be easy.
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    Be wrapped in a beautiful office and get inspired by the environment you work in every day.
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    Work with the latest technology and know that your workmates are as excited about it as you are.
Data Scientist - London, UK
We are looking for a data scientist to help us unlock new secrets from our football data. -
Match Analyst - London, UK
This is not a role for the average football fan who is looking for a comfortable job in Football. -
We need developers with a keen understanding of browser performance and the unique constraints of rendering high volumes of data in realtime. -
As a backend engineer you’ll have the chance to help build and maintain all the software that makes that possible – everything from modern web applications to statistical models, real time data platforms to cloud infrastructure. -
31 Vernon Street, London, W14 0RN