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“This early-stage startup has created a buzz with the tech community regarding it's interactive presentation software. Saving people from death by powerpoint, Glisser is full of friendly, happy people with the drive to build a great business.”
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Glisser makes presentations interactive. Our goal is to revolutionise the way presentations are made around the world, transforming them from one-directional lectures into two-way conversations with true audience participation. A job in London at

We are building a business around presentation technology that is simple to set up, easy for audiences to access and understand, and ‘just works’. We’re disrupting existing audience response solutions, but mostly looking to create a market out of the millions of presentations that take place with plain old PowerPoint and a clicker. A job in London at

We’ve already built decent brand recognition in the UK event industry, and have won contracts with some big names. We’re always looking for great people to take this up another notch or five.

Package & Perks:

• We offer a competitive salary (for a start-up) supplemented by a good slug of share options that allows you to get into an ambitious company ‘on the first floor’.

• We’re not about micro-management – you’ll get a huge amount of control over when and how you work if it helps you deliver results.

• We’re a passionate team who will work hard alongside you, getting our hands dirty, and giving you the freedom to contribute to all areas of the business. We’re really just shaping the company culture, so your personality will help determine the place that you work.

• You’ll get access to experts and mentors as part of Mass Challenge – the largest start-up accelerator on the planet – as well as amazing new offices in Tobacco Dock with 300 other entrepreneurs and creative people, working on cool businesses within a very sociable community.

• We promise, above all, to be nice people to work with.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Craft beer delivery on a Friday
  • Summer away day

  • We start work early but like to finish at a sensible hour
  • We give each other thoughtful birthday presents
  • We have polarised opinions on the merits of Christmas jumpers
  • Startups
    Small but growing fast, where things change quickly. You'll need to be hard-working and flexible, but you'll know your work matters.
  • Team Work
    Everyone's ideas are listened to, and from cleaner to CEO, you all have a chance to contribute.
  • Super Cool
    If you love it when people wish they had your job, then getting up to work for these guys every day will be easy.
  • Top Tech
    Work with the latest technology and know that your workmates are as excited about it as you are.
Glisser is looking for an intern with an entrepreneurial attitude to start in late January or early February 2017. -
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