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“If you want to work in a small team, where each day and each project are different, with great pub lunches every Friday, let Lighthouse shine the way.”

Lighthouse London

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Since being set up 7 years ago by a designer and a developer Lighthouse has grown into a highly adaptable and flexible team of talented people. A job in London at
													 Lighthouse London

We’re not huge but have a big mix of skills allowing us to take projects from concept through to design and development pushing out excellent work and constantly striving to better ourselves. A job in London at
													 Lighthouse London

Starting out as a web design and development studio we’ve changed a little over the years.

While we still work with clients to create awesome websites a large part of our business is now spent working with startups to build bespoke digital products creating new online businesses and helping entrepreneurs take their ideas to market.

We’re always trying to learn new skills and regularly refresh our workflow to include new ideas and deliverables.

We’re ambitious but the environment is relaxed and sociable. The only thing we demand is that you never stop learning and trying to make the next project better than the last. We’ll give you the independence and support to produce your best work.

  • Side projects encouraged and nurtured
  • Tickets to conferences & events and training budgets for every employee to learn new skills
  • Direct mentorship from company founders to fast track your career

  • Regular hack days and creative days out
  • Pub lunches every Friday and free booze (and soft drinks) for all
  • Great coffee (and in-house ex-barista to pour you a cup)
  • Team Work
    Everyone's ideas are listened to, and from cleaner to CEO, you all have a chance to contribute.
  • Super Cool
    If you love it when people wish they had your job, then getting up to work for these guys every day will be easy.
  • Great Offices
    Be wrapped in a beautiful office and get inspired by the environment you work in every day.
Developer - London, UK
We’re looking for a full-time developer to aid our team in producing fantastic web experiences at our offices in central London. -
30 Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 3JB