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“TAB provides free breakfast, free Friday beers, free monthly team meals, and most importantly, every Wednesday afternoon, it's TAB tea time! All while being situated in a stunning Edwardian warehouse, a stone's throw away from King's Cross Station.”

The App Business

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The App Business (TAB) is an award-winning, full service, specialist mobile software company that grew out of three inspirational years working with Steve Jobs. Helping to launch the iPhone, App Store and hundreds of apps convinced us that software is eating the world and that people are now turning to ‘apps’ to navigate their daily lives. A job in London at
													 The App Business

Now ranked 'Outstanding' in the Best Companies Index, we continue to invest heavily in that vision, and at its core is the emphasis we place on developing and supporting our people. A job in London at
													 The App Business

Our working culture is modelled on our experience with Apple; ultimately open, friendly and relaxed, we’re committed to ensuring it’s easy for everybody to communicate, to share ideas and find solutions. This positive culture is created by our shared ambitions, passion, and commitment to hard work.

To communicate and nurture ideas to the entire company, our weekly team Monday and a Friday meetings provide the best platform to reach all staff. We use these forums to provide news updates, demos and capture feedback across a wide range of topics and initiatives so everyone can benefit and remain true to our Agile environment. On a project level, self-organising teams drive creative thinking, idea sharing and goal setting for each sprint cycle as well as retrospectives which aid future problem solving.

  • Tech grant to spend on the latest gadgets
  • Extended Christmas holiday
  • Custom benefits including gym allowance, subscriptions and health cover

  • Weekly TAB Tea time
  • Monthly company lunches at the hottest local eateries
  • Friday night drinks
  • Team Work
    Everyone's ideas are listened to, and from cleaner to CEO, you all have a chance to contribute.
  • Super Cool
    If you love it when people wish they had your job, then getting up to work for these guys every day will be easy.
  • Great Offices
    Be wrapped in a beautiful office and get inspired by the environment you work in every day.
  • Top Tech
    Work with the latest technology and know that your workmates are as excited about it as you are.
Software Engineer - London, UK
Looking for enthusiastic engineers who want to kick start their careers -
iOS Engineer - London, UK
The App Business is looking for a talented iOS Engineer that is confident in contributing to an agile team throughout the full project lifecycle. -
Test Engineer - London, UK
The App Business is looking for a talented test engineer with a strong eye for detail, to help us build and evolve our test team. -
Android Engineer - London, UK
We’re on the lookout for a highly talented, experienced Android Engineer with a real passion for pushing the boundaries of mobile. -
QWhat can new starters expect in their first week?
In their first week, a new TABber can expect to dive straight into meeting their project teams, company inductions as well as business as usual operations. Our company inductions are a great way to introduce new starters to our Communities of Practice and work out how they operate to make TAB what it is. 

We strongly believe in helping our people grow and achieve their personal and professional goals & ambitions. In the first week, we introduce all new starters to their bespoke 30, 60 & 90 day induction plan - designed to ease them into their role.To ensure onboarding is as smooth as possible, our new starters are assigned a ‘buddy’; a go-to person there to answer any questions!

We value a strong work ethic but believe the only way this can be achieved is through a healthy work/life balance at TAB. Every Wednesday you can find the TAB Tea ladies serving cakes and afternoon tea  whilst on a Friday afternoon we all come together with drinks at our weekly Wrap-Up presentation. We combine the drinks with updates about the projects we’re working on, innovative industry ideas as well as exciting announcements. It’s a great way to end a busy week and eases us all into the weekend!
QWhat’s the best thing about your culture I can't see from your TalentRocket page?
The unique pulse at TAB, or as we like to call it - our “TAB Tempo” is one of the best things about our culture that can only be felt within the walls of our office. Our teams are in constant collaboration; products ever evolving and the office constantly buzzing with eager energy to learn. There is a certain beat to how we work which keeps the office pumping and our ideas flowing! 
QWhat 3 interview hacks do you have for candidates?
At TAB we are looking to bring on board the brightest and the best. In an interview we would recommend….

1) Thinking outside the box. We are always looking for innovative & creative thinkers and are constantly challenging ourselves to think of fresh and exciting ways to solve the solutions and problems we face. Bring this to the table to stand out from the crowd!

2) Learning & understanding our TAB Principles. Every successful candidate at TAB has embodied all 7 of our TAB principles which underpin the way we work and successfully function. These consist of;
Keep TAB tempo
Sweat what matters
Beat stuff up
Make it simple
Always zoom out
Tap up TAB
Pull the chord

3)  Adaptability. We work with some amazing and inspiring clients but each one is as different as the next. Showing you can adapt to different environments is very important to us so we would advise thinking of some interesting examples!
QDescribe a recent company-wide social event
Our social events are an important part of the year for us here at TAB; the most recent event being our Halloween-themed party celebrating our quarterly achievements. TAB celebrated in style; complete with a fancy dress competition, motion sensored photobooth (in true TAB form) and our very own frozen slushy machines. Check out our Instagram for photos.

Our summer party in August was another big highlight. We were all assigned teams and asked to build some app-controlled boats which we then decorated and raced at the King’s Cross Pond Club. This was followed by a delicious BBQ, summery drinks and dancing which went on into the night...
The Spitfire Building, 71 Collier Street, London N1 9BE